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Zeolite (<25 Microns) a form of unique, volcanic mineral compounds with crystalline structures that create a kind of honeycomb/cage. It has powerful, healthy detoxifying effects. Zeolite is a class of “Super Clay” produced when lava flow meets sea water and cools quickly. Zeolite has a natural affinity for toxic heavy metals such as uranium, cadmium, lead, mercury and aluminium. Scientists assume that the creation of the first Zeolite minerals took place more than 300 million years ago! Can it be more Ancient and Pure than that?. Zeolite began as a natural health supplement in this form... Powdered, since then many new Zeolite products have appeared, now yes they are probably great but all say how they are better than the powder. The Powder Zeolite was the form that established Zeolite as an effective, trusted tool in detox and more. It is the original and if wasn't effective it would'nt of made Zeolite so popular. These new Zeolite products are much more expensive, the only difference that shows improvement in Zeolite is the Micron size. We have a lot of Detox Products, Zeolite we feel is first for heavy metal detox, but there is way more to this Volcanic Health "SuperClay", use in conjunction with Fulvic Minerals for optimal results. Mix in pure, filtered water.


Introduction to the Zeolite Powder

Zeolite, a unique volcanic mineral compound, features crystalline structures forming a honeycomb or cage-like configuration. This 'super-clay' results from a natural reaction where lava flow meets sea water and cools rapidly. Hailed for its health-enhancing detoxifying effects, Zeolite is making a name for itself as a popular supplement, especially in powdered form.

Zeolite is known for its extraordinary affinity for toxic heavy metals such as uranium, cadmium, lead, mercury, and aluminium. The assumed creation of the first Zeolite minerals over 300 million years ago attests to its purity and antiquity, aligning with our commitment to provide ancient and pure products.

Exploring the Zeolite Benefits

Zeolite is known for its detoxification properties, particularly in relation to heavy metal detox. This 'super-clay' latches onto harmful toxins in the body and helps to safely escort them out. This process aids in reducing the body's toxic burden, supporting overall health and wellness.

Beyond detoxification, Zeolite also shows promise in other health-supporting areas. Some studies suggest that Zeolite may contribute to supporting a healthy immune response, maintaining optimal pH balance in the body, and promoting healthy digestion. These potential benefits, combined with its detoxifying prowess, make Zeolite a compelling addition to your health regimen.

Natural Zeolite Detox: The Power of the Powder

The original Zeolite supplement came in the form of a powder. Since then, many new Zeolite products have emerged, each claiming superiority over the powdered form. However, the powdered Zeolite's efficacy in establishing Zeolite as an effective, trusted tool for detoxification cannot be denied.

The micron size of the Zeolite supplement appears to be the only tangible difference that shows improvement in Zeolite supplements. Smaller microns offer a greater surface area for detoxification and are easier for the body to handle. Our Zeolite supplement, with a micron size of less than 25, offers a high surface area, thus amplifying its detoxification potential.

Discover Zeolite Powder: An Original and Effective Detox Solution

Over the years, Zeolite powder has remained a steadfast player in the realm of detox supplements. It owes its popularity to its proven effectiveness and affordability. These newer, often pricier, Zeolite products cannot outshine the original power of the Zeolite powder.

Using our Zeolite Powder supplement in conjunction with Fulvic Acid Minerals can help to optimize results, offering you a potent, all-natural detox solution. Simply mix the Zeolite powder with pure, filtered water, and you're ready to embark on your detoxification journey.

At Ancient Purity, we prioritize the provision of natural, pure products. Our Zeolite powder is no exception, stored in an ultra-protective Miron Glass Jar for maximum freshness and efficacy. This ensures that each spoonful delivers a potent dose of detoxification power, making your health journey smoother and more effective.

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