Vitamin D3 (10,000iu)


Introducing our High Strength Vitamin D3 Supplement, specifically designed to naturally boost your health. With easy-to-swallow soft gelatine capsules, our supplement delivers a powerful 10,000iu dose of Vitamin D3, essential for overall wellness.

Vitamin D3, produced naturally by the body when exposed to sufficient sunlight, is crucial for various bodily functions. However, due to modern lifestyles, many people face a Vitamin D3 deficiency. Factors contributing to this deficiency include a lack of sunlight exposure and a diet low in fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables, resulting from modern farming practices.

Our High Strength Vitamin D3 Supplement aims to combat this deficiency effectively. Each capsule delivers a potent dosage of Vitamin D3, restoring your body's balance and supporting optimal health.

The benefits of Vitamin D3 are vast and scientifically proven. As a fat-soluble precursor hormone—part of the steroid hormone calcitriol—Vitamin D3 has an essential role in the body. It regulates phosphorus, calcium, and bone metabolism and neuromuscular function. In effect, Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus, thereby maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Further extending the benefits of Vitamin D3, it supports normal blood calcium levels and the maintenance of normal muscle function. One of the more vital roles Vitamin D3 plays is in the support of the immune system's normal function. Studies have indicated that a higher Vitamin D level correlates to a lower risk of significant health problems.

Our Vitamin D3 Supplement is easily assimilated by your body. We've designed it to be "Bio-available" - so when you take it, your body recognises and absorbs it like food. This supplement truly stands out as an "Essential" in Ancient Purity's line of health and wellness products.

This product comes packaged in a Miron 'Dark Violet' Glass Jar, ensuring maximum freshness and efficacy for each use. Experience the spectacular benefits of our High Strength Vitamin D3 supplement today and fortify your health like never before.


Discover the Power of High Strength Vitamin D3

Unlock the health-enhancing potential of sunlight in a bottle with our High Strength 10,000iu Vitamin D3 soft gelatine capsules. They are easy to swallow and designed for optimal assimilation, delivering essential benefits directly to your body. Vitamin D3 is naturally synthesised by our bodies when our skin is exposed to ample sunlight, but for those experiencing a shortage of sun exposure or dietary deficits, our supplements bridge the gap efficiently.

Addressing the Common Vitamin D Deficiency

In the modern world, many of us are grappling with low Vitamin D levels. Causes can range from lack of adequate sunlight, due to lifestyle or geographical location, to nutritional deficiencies stemming from contemporary farming practices or insufficient intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. This deficiency often goes unnoticed despite its potentially significant health implications. But worry not - our Vitamin D3 capsules are here to bolster your Vitamin D levels effectively and conveniently.

Vitamin D3: More Than Just a Vitamin

Often misunderstood as just a vitamin, Vitamin D3, in fact, serves as a fat-soluble precursor hormone part of the steroid hormone, calcitriol. Our bodies naturally produce calcitriol, which is pivotal in regulating phosphorus, calcium, bone metabolism, and neuromuscular function. This means that sufficient Vitamin D levels contribute to normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus, key players in maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and muscle function.

Enhancing Immune Function and Reducing Health Risks

Beyond skeletal and muscular benefits, Vitamin D3 is essential for normal blood calcium levels and robust immune system function. The immune system's efficacy is often overlooked until we're unwell. By maintaining adequate Vitamin D3 levels, you can provide your immune system with the necessary support it needs to protect you. Moreover, studies indicate a direct correlation between higher Vitamin D levels and lower risks of major health problems.

Why Choose Ancient Purity Vitamin D3?

Our Vitamin D3 supplement isn't just 'normal'; it's extraordinary. At Ancient Purity, we believe Vitamin D3 is an essential addition to your health routine, no matter the season. Our supplement is food-based and "bio-available," which means your body recognises and absorbs it just as it would food, ensuring optimal benefits from each capsule.

We present our Vitamin D3 in a Miron 'Dark Violet' Glass Jar. This packaging not only ensures the maximum freshness of the product but also safeguards its potency. With Ancient Purity Vitamin D3, you’re not just choosing a supplement; you're choosing a partner in your journey towards optimal health and well-being. Let our Vitamin D3 capsules be the ray of sunshine that brightens your path to improved health.

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